Operations Consulting

We provide tools and support our clients to minimize the total cost of ownership of their automation investments . We strive to work with customers in maximizing returns for their automation investments.

Production Management

Process Optimization

We work with the industry leaders in identifying pain points of the customers and develop solutions that address the needs. Our domain expertise in process and control engineering serves a significant added value to our customers.

Procedure Development

As owner engineers our consultants are well experienced in developing procedures for operations and being able to integrate with the QHSSE and the current operational procedures.

Inventory Management

We have extensive expertise in Inventory management and interfacing process control systems with ERP systems. Using state of the RFID , Cameras and machine learning we can provide the most advanced inventory tracking systems so our end users always are aware of the inventory levels. We understand managing inventory is critical to the cash flow and we are here to support to get a better view.


Assisting customers in navigating the evolving world of digital infrastructure

OT Cyber Assesment

Our clients trust us to ASSESSIMPLEMENT, and MAINTAIN their networks using ISA/IEC 62443 standards for cybersecurity. Our Industrial Control System (ICS) network design and cybersecurity approach is designed to allow our clients total ownership of their cybersecurity protocols. Project stakeholders work with our experts to establish goals, risk tolerances, safeguards, and procedures that are designed to reduce their control system’s vulnerability to both malicious and unintentional threats from outsiders and from within the organization itself.